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Recent Sermons

A Loving Memorial
Sermon 5-28-17
Preaching from Matthew 26:6-13, Dr. Sanders' teaches us the lessons we can learn from the sacrifice of the woman who poured perfume on Jesus' head.

Saul's Life Changing Moment
Sermon 5-21-17
God is wanting to transform our lives.
Are you open to His calling?
Scripture Acts 9:1-19

Building A Relationship
Sermon 4-30-17
In this weeks sermon Dr. Sanders tells how we can build a relationship with God and describes what a healthy realtionship with Him looks like in life.

A Different Path
Sermon 4-9-17
As we head into Holy Week we take a path that leads us from brokeness to wholeness. A different path than what the world offers.
Scripture John 12:12-19

Where Are You God?
Sermon 3-26-17
Dr Sanders preaches that in the midst of our troubles and despair, God is with us giving us hope, calling us to surrender, showing us that the troubles of this world are temporary. Scripture - Psalm 46:1-11

When We Doubt
Sermon 3-19-17
Doubts may trouble us but they are a normal part of life. In this sermon Dr. Sanders' teaches how we can move from doubt into faith. Scripture John20:24-29

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From The Pastor  plant image

                     Let's Remember

Memorial Day weekend begins the unofficial start to summer. School has come to an end. Vacations are beginning as people make their way to the beach and other summer destinations. People are firing up the grills, and taking the boats to the lake.

n the midst of all this celebration, let us not forget the significance of Memorial Day. This special day of remembrance was originally called "Decoration Day." The holiday began shortly after the Civil War. On this day, loved ones would take flowers and decorate the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers that had fallen during the war. By the twentieth century, Memorial Day was extended to honor all Americans who died in wars while serving in the armed forces. On Memorial Day, we take a moment to remember those that sacrificed for our country and contemplate the price of freedom.

Having days of remembrance is important. When we remember, we are able to connect to the past. We, hopefully, learn lessons that can teach us how to live into the future. If we do not remember our history, we are bound to make the same mistakes that lead us to dark places. On this Memorial Day, I hope you enjoy all the wonderful things that come with summer, but let's not forget the significance of this day. Take the time to remember and honor those that have sacrificed for you.