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PreSchool Program

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Weekly Chapel Service

Every Wednesday at 12:05 PM, the Pastor or another staff member conducts an age related “Chapel Service” for the students.  Parents and other family members are invited to participate in the Chapel Services.

Classes Offered

Presently, the Bethel Pre-School Program offers the following:

For two year olds :
3 day, and 4 day a week classes are offered
(No classes are taught on Friday)

For three year olds :

3 day, and 4 day a week classes are offered
(No classes are taught on Friday)

For four years old:

3 day, and 4 day a week classes are offered
(No classes are taught on Friday)


Curriculum and Learning Experiences

Bethel’s Pre-School Program uses Carson-Dellosa curriculum. Teaching new concepts and skills isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. We recognize that children learn in many ways, and so we design learning resources that enable easy differentiation and adaptation for individual, small-group, and whole-class instruction in a variety of traditional, hands-on, and digital formats. You can learn more about Carson-Dellosa by visiting their website at

The GEORGIA EARLY LEARNING STANDARDS are a big part of how we make sure that each age level is getting what they need.  Copies of these standards along with the curriculum are in the Preschool office for your convenience.  You can explore the learning standards in depth by going to

A structured Music Program is included as a vital part of our curriculum.  A musically trained Pre-School staff person provides training for the students.

A Structured Creative Play Time is included as part of the daily curriculum.

Learning Activities and Field Trips occur throughout the school year. 

These activities include:

We have the Emergency Services come in October (Fire Dept., EMT's, and Sheriff's Dept.)

The Pre-School students participate in an Easter Egg Hunt and a Trunk or Treat.  They are also invited and encouraged to participate in Bethel’s Annual “Tent of Treat Halloween Celebration.

In November, we have the annual Thanksgiving Feast and Program, 

In December, we have the annual Pre-School Christmas Program.

In January, the Children's Librarian comes. 

In February, we have our Dental Hygiene presentation. (A Dental Hygienist comes to talk to the kids about good dental health.)

The Pre-School students are invited and encouraged to participate in Bethel’s Annual Easter “Egg Hunt by Flashlight” (a night time Easter Egg Hunt). 

An annual year end party and graduation service.

Other activities are planned as the year unfolds.

Bench Marks and Evaluations

Each child is independent of each other and certainly grows at his or her own rate.  At the same time, sometimes a child needs extra attention and guidance.

The Bethel Pre-School Program has established “bench marks” consistent with the State Standards.  The goal is to see the child achieve regular learning growth.

At regular intervals, the Pre-School Program’s teachers will be in consultation with the parents of the program’s student.  These consultations are essential moments of partnering with the student’s parents.

*Safe Sanctuary                              
Bethel United Methodist Church and all its ministries and groups, including the Pre-School Program, follow the guidelines and instructions of the United Methodist Church Safe Sanctuary Program.

Safe Sanctuary is a program designed to protect children from any harm.  You can gain more knowledge of Safe Sanctuary by go to:

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